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Product Specifications

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Our strength points are able to provide the very compitative price with high quality control. 

Besides Malaysia, we are also supplying to Australia, Japan, South East Asia, Africa countries, Europe, Middle East & India.
Product Code コード Diameter 径(ミリ) Length 長さ(メータ) Copper Thickness 銅被覆(ミリ)
ER12001 12mm 1.2m Normal
ER12002 12mm 1.5m Normal
ER12003 12mm 1.8m Normal
ER12004 12mm 1.2m High (>0.3mm)
ER12005 12mm 1.5m High (>0.3mm)
ER12006 12mm 1.8m High (>0.3mm)
ER12701 12.7mm 1.2m Normal
ER12702 12.7mm 1.5m Normal
ER12703 12.7mm 1.8m Normal
ER12704 12.7mm 1.2m High (>0.3mm)
ER12705 12.7mm 1.5m High (>0.2mm)
ER12706 12.7mm 1.8m High (>0.3mm)
ER13001 13mm 1.2m Normal
ER13002 13mm 1.5m Normal
ER13003 13mm 1.8m Normal
ER13004 13mm 1.2m High (>0.3mm)
ER13005 13mm 1.5m High (>0.3mm)
ER13006 13mm 1.8m High (>0.3mm)
ER14001 14mm 1.2m Normal
ER14002 14mm 1.5m Normal
ER14003 14mm 1.8m Normal
ER14004 14mm 1.2m High (>0.3mm)
ER14005 14mm 1.5m High (>0.3mm)
ER14006 14mm 1.8m High (>0.3mm)
ER17001 17mm 1.2m Normal
ER17002 17mm 1.5m Normal
ER17003 17mm 1.8m Normal
ER17004 17mm 1.2m High (>0.3mm)
ER17005 17mm 1.5m High (>0.3mm)
ER17006 17mm 1.8m High (>0.3mm)
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